Most Moving Instructors of 2015!!!

Meet the Most Moving Instructors of 2015: East Coast!

Written by Class Pass


We asked, you told us. These are the most inspiring instructors in your city. 

Discovering new classes and workouts may be beneficial for your body, but a studio’s staff can do wonders for your attitude. When you feel like you can’t push through another set of burpees or hold another plank, it’s often the motivating words of your instructor that makes you try a little harder. 

We asked you to tell us about the instructors who made you move in 2015, and you had so many positive, inspiring comments about the men and women who made you want to come back to class again and again. Across 36 cities and four countries, we’re excited to announce the Most Moving Instructors of 2015. Read More Here!


My mission in life has always been to inspire and motivate people to be confident, happy, and feel beautiful in their own skin. So this seriously means the world to me!

Shout out to my amazing BBB ladies, I love you all and appreciate your support so much! XOXO 

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