All About "The Perfect Set"

Introducing my new obsession...

Usually when I create something for BBB it's because I NEED it in my wardrobe and I can't find it anywhere or it's not the material I want. I was looking for an amazing pair of black high waisted leggings that felt like spanx and I couldn't find ones I liked! So I decided to make my own... Introducing "The Perfect Set" aka my new obsession! (side note: If you don't know me, I use the word obsessed way to often...but it's because I genuinely love something and that's how I show my excitement!)

I truly love this product, and I swear by the fabric! It is one size fits most, I tested the pants on 10 different body types and 9 out of 10 fit perfectly!  The sports bra is lined with a nude mesh, it is very form fitting with a great stretch ( I would say it comfortably fits sizes XS-M, I promise I will make bigger sizes soon! ) I love working out in a matching set, it is an easy outfit and you can mix and match the pieces with so many different things! 

Thank you all for your support, I can't believe we sold out in the first hour of the set launch! We are now restocked in black & grey! Pictures are greatly appreciated, tag your BBB outfits with the hashtags #BBBleggings #TheBBBset #BootybyBrabants :)

Love You All!

Kelly B

The Perfect Set made it into Boston Common Magazine! 

"Boston native Kelly Brabants perfected her popular workout leggings by ensuring the following qualities: breathable fabric, spandex that stays put, and a butt-enhancing fit. The personal trainer’s fitness brand, Booty by Brabants, is releasing a new collection of sports bras and leggings on January 15. The Perfect Set line includes Brabants signature spandex leggings with ultra-high waistbands and fully lined sports bras." Read More Here!

Check out how my customers have been wearing the new set! I'm obsessed!





HI, I might have not looked through all the blog questions and answers. I wear a size 14-16 in pants … i saw a customer of mine wearing the BBB brand leggings and it looked comfortable and amazing af will this legging fit me? Jen xoxo


Looks good Kelly


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