BBB Babe of The Week ft. Libby Mouradjian

BBB Babe of The Week ft. Libby Mouradjian

Happy Wednesday My Loves!

I am SO excited to announce this week's "BBB Babe" & my #WCW, soul sister, ride or die, former roommate...Libby Mouradjian! Just saying her name makes me smile! Libby and I lived together before BBB was even a thought, and she has been with me through all the ups and downs. She was even with me when I had my first ever BBB photoshoot to promote my workout classes, the leggings hadn't existed yet (scroll down to see the pic haha). If there is one person who truly knows 100% about me it's this girl right here. I feel beyond blessed to have her as a best friend. I love you Lib! XOXO


Learn more about Libby below...

  • Nickname: Libby
  • Sign: Capricorn
  • Hometown: West Hartford, CT
  • Fun fact: I own the first ever pair of BBB’ 100% original pair that Kelly put a label on
  • How did you meet Kelly? Through her sister Liz, then we became roomies!
  • Favorite Booty by Brabants memory: Sitting in our apartment together brainstorming the idea of Booty by Brabants! And the first photo shoot of just us two on top of a random building in Boston and her first class EVER in was hilarious. Oh and our last trip to Miami this past March to shoot the swimwear line! 
  • 2 Booty by Brabants items you couldn’t live without: Black Croco leggings, and now the black Croco sports bra – major repeat offender with these two!
  • Favorite Booty by Brabants routine (name of song): "Don’t Let Me Down" its an arm workout (because I am coordinately challenged with the dances)
  • What's your favorite part of the BBB class? Kelly’s explosive and contagious energy – it’s INSANE!
  • Favorite Boston restaurant for dinner? Lola 42
  • Favorite Boston restaurant/bar for a night out? Bricco or anywhere in the Seaport
  • Go-to nail salon? "Amy’s Nails" in the North End
  • Celebrity girl crush: Amal Clooney – beauty brains and such a boss
  • Best beauty tip: Just get ready with Kelly and you will learn every tip and trick in the books
  • Pizza or wings: pizza all day every day
  • What's your guilty pleasure? Chick-fil-A haha
  • Biggest fear: finding a mouse in my apartment
  • One goal you would like to achieve in 2018 (personal or professional): Graduate law school and pass the bar exam!



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