"BBB BABE" of The Week ft. Stephanie Mangano!

So excited to announce my FIRST ever "BBB Babe" of the week and of course #WCW! I feel so lucky everyday to have so many amazing, supportive, kind, intelligent, and beautiful ladies in my life and I felt the need to highlight each one of them! I sent the girls a few fun questions to answer, but please comment below any other questions you have for them/me and we will answer them! 

This week I am featuring my girl & my only other BBB instructor, Steph Mangano! I can't say enough amazing things about her, and honestly I don't have a CLUE what I would do without her. She teaches her own BBB class every Tuesday at 7:15AM and also subs for me whenever I'm away...her class is INSANE and some people say she's even harder than I am, haha! I love you so much Steph, thank you for putting up with me through it all and always having my back! XOXO

Learn more about this babe below!

  • Nickname: Steph
  • Sign: Aquarius
  • Hometown: Bernardsville, New Jersey (but I've lived in 7 states!)
  • Fun fact: I went to clown camp.
  • I met Kelly:Taking some (read: all) of her first BBB classes! It was an instant connection to her and the class that has turned into a very special friendship and business relationship.
  • What is your favorite Booty by Brabants memory: Without being cheesy, I am continually blown away by this community that Kelly has built. There are the big moments like Booties for the Battle and Chic by Karina fundraisers that bring together so many incredible women (and dudes!) for heartfelt causes, and there are the smaller moments when the whole class brings so much energy it feels electric in the room. Currently my favorite memory comes from Kelly, Toria's and my latest trip to NYC. In the middle of NYC all these people came out to try Booty and experience it the way we are so lucky to in Boston. That, and the music motivated us for three classes back-to-back but after that we could not stop laughing hysterically. We were delirious!
  • I can't live without my Booty by Brabants: Black Mesh Bra (bring it back, Kelly!) and the Croco Skin Midnight Blue
  • Favorite Booty by Brabants routine: Everyone will think its Sorry, Not Sorry but Shape of You is still one of my all-time favorites.
  • What is your favorite part of BBB class? The dance. Even when I feel like I can't do any more the music pushes me through that last song and I find myself smiling while doing it.
  • Besides BBB how do you like to sweat? I love Core Power! I take the Hot Power Fusion class at least once a week.
  • Favorite Boston restaurant for dinner: It depends on my mood. Pier 6 (Charlestown) for classic New England & killer views. Sarma (Somerville) for the eclectic, shareable plates. AquaPazza or Terra for date night. I have a long list of restaurants stored in my phone that I will randomly pick from.
  • On a Saturday night you can usually find me... out of town or on the couch with my dog.
  • Go-to nail salon: I bite my nails. 
  • Celebrity girl crush: Vanessa Hudgens.
  • Whats your best beauty tip? Vaseline on everything. That, and have Kelly do my makeup whenever possible.
  • Pizza or wings: Pizza, preferably pepperoni or buffalo chicken.
  • What's your guilty pleasure? Cookie dough. Doesn't matter what kind or what form...just cookie dough.
  • Biggest fear? Mediocrity
  • One goal you would like to achieve in 2018 (personal or professional): I want to say "Yes" to something that scares and challenges me.


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