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My Advice On How to Keep the Holiday Weight off in Boston Common Mag!

Boston Fitness Experts on How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays By Jessica Bowne | November 7, 2016 | Lifestyle Now that Thanksgiving is looming in the near future and holiday party invites are flowing in, it has become harder to say no to extra calories. You know the story: an extra cocktail with clients, a second (ok third) helping of stuffing with family, and late night Turkey Day leftovers turn into a wardrobe hangover come January. We spoke with five fitness experts on how to stay active and healthy while still enjoying the season. READ MORE HERE.                                    

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UsTrendy Trend Setter of the Week: Kelly Brabants

I grew up dancing since I was three years old and have always loved fitness and working out. It was at Equinox (where I started as a personal trainer) that I knew I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. Helping people and making them feel good about themselves is the best part of my job. Starting Booty By Brabants was a way to impact and reach multiple women at once. I wanted the class to be authentic and really show my passion and personality. The class was inspired by my Brazilian background and the beauty of a woman’s curves; embracing what you have and being proud to show it off. Read the interview  

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Posterior Motives

When personal trainer Kelly Brabants launched her eponymous fitness and lifestyle brand Booty by Brabants last year, the North Easton native found herself teaching the class of her dreams—in workout gear she hated. “A lot of the activewear on the market just didn’t have the stretch I needed,” recalls Brabants, whose trademarked rump-roasting cardio class blends Brazilian dance, classical ballet and kickboxing. “I’d have clients stop in the middle of a squat to pull up their pants or take a break because they had a huge wedgie. Nobody likes it, but that’s what’s available.” View the article on The Improper Bostonian!

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Local Fitness Instructor Is Launching a Leggings Line

The trend of celebrating the booty in pop culture continues to be in full force, but if you want a butt like a Brazilian supermodel, you’re going to have to put in work. Fortunately, here in Boston, we have Kelly Brabants, a.k.a. the booty maker (just made that up). She’s been teaching her cult-favorite Booty by Brabants classes for more than a year at The Wave at the Seaport Hotel and at the Club by George Foreman III. Read the article at Boston Magazine!

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A 6-Pack of Questions with Boston-Based Fitness Apparel Designer, Kelly Brabants

Whether you're an avid exerciser or prefer jeggings to jeans, there is a new pair of spandex in town that is about to revolutionize your wardrobe — and perhaps you're derrière. Booty by Brabants is a line of leggings founded by Boston-based fitness instructor and entrepreneur, Kelly Brabants. These colorful bottoms are designed to fit all sizes while carefully being crafted to accentuate your — ahem — rear. Read the whole article at Bostinno!

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