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"BBB Babe" Of The Week! Ft. Jasmine Fitzgerald

Happy Wednesday my loves!This week's "BBB Babe" & my #WCW is...Jasmine Fitzgerald! I don't even know where to start with this girl besides how "BOOTYful" she is inside and out. Yes, that's her booty in all of the product pictures on the website, haha! She has been supporting me through this BBB journey since day 1, and she has never missed a photoshoot or event. She is the definition of my ride or die! What many people don't realize (because she looks so fierce and gorgeous in pictures) is Jasmine is definitely one of the sweetest people EVER and she will make you smile and laugh no matter what kind of mood you are in. Last fact about Jasmine is that she's getting MARRIED this...

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"BBB Babe" of The Week ft. Toria Mattera

Happy Wednesday my loves!This week's "BBB Babe" & my #WCW is...Toria Mattera! I seriously cannot say enough amazing things about this girl!!! Toria and I met in my class almost 3 years ago, it was love at first sight (haha)! She was SO good at all the dances and I loved her vibe, I knew we had to become besties! She has since assisted me at all my BBB events and has modeled in all my photoshoots. She can literally do it all! Most of all, my favorite thing about Toria is her loyalty as a friend, she's always there to support me no matter what and I feel so lucky to have her on this journey with me! Also, she's the LASH QUEEN - and if you need lash extensions, she's your girl!!! Follow her IG: @beautylash_toria ...

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"BBB Babe" of The Week ft. Libby Mouradjian

Happy Wednesday My Loves! I am SO excited to announce this week's "BBB Babe" & my #WCW, soul sister, ride or die, former roommate...Libby Mouradjian! Just saying her name makes me smile! Libby and I lived together before BBB was even a thought, and she has been with me through all the ups and downs. She was even with me when I had my first ever BBB photoshoot to promote my workout classes, the leggings hadn't existed yet (scroll down to see the pic haha). If there is one person who truly knows 100% about me it's this girl right here. I feel beyond blessed to have her as a best friend. I love you Lib! XOXO   Learn more about Libby below......

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"BBB BABE" of The Week ft. Stephanie Mangano!

So excited to announce my FIRST ever "BBB Babe" of the week and of course #WCW! I feel so lucky everyday to have so many amazing, supportive, kind, intelligent, and beautiful ladies in my life and I felt the need to highlight each one of them! I sent the girls a few fun questions to answer, but please comment below any other questions you have for them/me and we will answer them!  This week I am featuring my girl & my only other BBB instructor, Steph Mangano! I can't say enough amazing things about her, and honestly I don't have a CLUE what I would do without her. She teaches her own BBB class every Tuesday at 7:15AM and also subs for me whenever I'm away...her class is...

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Booty by Brabants Launches New Swimsuit Line Designed for Everyone

"Local fashion designer and founder of the Boston-based fitness and lifestyle brand Booty by Brabants, Kelly Brabants, is filling a gap in the swimsuit market with the launch of her revolutionary one-size-fits-most swimsuit line. Brabants first introduced a swimsuit to her clothing line in May of 2016 to sold-out success and returned to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the winter to continue developing the line."

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