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October oBBBsessions!

Hi Loves! People ask me all the time what my favorite things are whether it be food, beauty, or clothing related - so I decided to start a "Monthly oBBBsessions" on my blog! :)   ---- The foods I am loving right now and eat about 2-3x a week: I am loving the "Spicy Hunan bowl" at Whole Foods. It's a light and healthy version of ramen noodles, LOADED with every vegetable under the sun & SO spicy!  And, I have been eating tons of mangos lately, i've always loved them but right now the obsession is REAL. I always have a carton of them in my fridge & they are bomb with cayenne pepper on top. My signature item of clothing at the moment:...

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BBB in Boston Magazine's Stylish Athleisure Guide this Week!

YAY! "BBB leggings" spotted in Boston Magazine today!! :) Check it out!   Below, are MY Top 5 Favorite Stylish Athleisure Finds:    1.) BBB Leggings in "Acai with Black Mesh" HERE 2.) Light Speed Run Hat from Lululemon HERE 3.) Distressed Denim Jacket from Zara HERE 4.) Nike Air Presto LOTC Sneakers HERE 5.) Comfy band T-Shirt from Pacsun HERE   What are yours? Comment below!! XOXO    

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Check Out My Advice on How to Get Olympics-Worthy Abs!

Happy Friday My Loves! So excited for the start of the Olympics! I will be cheering on both my countries, USA & Brazil tonight with my family! Praying that everything runs smoothly and everyone stays safe! :) Check out the article I did with Boston Common Magazine today about how to get "Olympic-Worthy abs" HERE! XOXO, Kelly

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Check out what I eat for breakfast via Boston Magazine!

Hey Guys!  I wanted to share with you this article with Boston Magazine all about what I eat for breakfast every morning. They asked me to take a picture of my morning meal and describe why I love it. This is really what I eat every morning, when I don't have groceries I'll just grab a quest bar or a banana with a venti iced americana with 2 splenda from Starbucks! (Obsessed) Read the article HERE. XOXO, Kelly

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