Cropped Capri Leggings

Just like you, we love workout capris that are both comfy and sexy. Good thing women’s compression capris finally got themselves a personal stylist — Kelly Brabants. Boston’s Booty Queen now brings you her signature textured leggings in 3/4 length. With color choices that range from the classic black Bom Bom to the vivid hot pink Rosa, you’ll be able to pull together an outfit that’s totally you — whether you’re hitting the gym or having a night out with your friends.

Our cropped BBBs are perfect for hotter temperatures and harder workouts. These capris are dry-fit and stay in place during your toughest workouts — no more constant waistband adjustments. Plus, the length is perfect for petites.

Constructed for comfort and designed to boost your confidence, these capris are made from our light fabric, which is the original formfitting BBB material. It's this unique textured pattern that makes BBB leggings one-size-fits-most and allows for maximum movability. This fabric is for girls on the go — no more waiting around for your workout wear to air-dry. Just wash them in cold water on delicate then throw them right into the dryer on low heat.