Kelly's Story - Chapter 5



Tough Love, Tough Skin


At the time, I would get defensive and offended. I felt as though my Dad didn’t believe in something I was so confident and passionate about. Today, I look back and realize that his advice was what fueled my dreams. His words made me hungry to learn the ins-and-outs of all things business and work even harder to prove to him that this was more than just a concept. Through the tears and sleepless nights, my Dad has pushed to me to my limits, and then some, calling for hours of behind-the-scenes “homework” that I would have never thought about doing (like learning how to make a P&L sheet, or how to determine what my ROI was going to be from a photoshoot I wanted to do). What’s crazy is that writing this now, I realize that those little things, like doing my homework and getting advice I didn’t want to hear, is what made me stronger and more confident as a businessperson in the long run.

My advice to young, aspiring entrepreneurs is that yes, passion is the soul of your company, but a successful business is hard work, and it’s not for everyone. You need to embrace failure and value the importance of self-awareness; only then can you make positive changes. Thanks to my Dad, I believe that tough love creates tough skin; you can’t expect a pat on the back every time you do something right. You’re supposed to be doing things right, it’s when things go wrong that you need to shine and get them fixed. Why spend time talking about all the things that are going great with your business, when you could spend that time talking about the problems and improving your business? Stop dreaming and start putting your dreams to work.

Whenever I receive feedback from clients who take my class or see a woman on the street wearing my leggings, it motivates me. It motivates me to wake up every morning and be better for them, because they deserve my very best.

I feel fortunate that I’m able to impact so many women in a positive way. The fact that the fitness movement and clothing line I’ve developed through Booty by Brabants has inspired so many people for the better is what gets me out of bed every day. It’s what I’ve devoted my life to and what I work tirelessly to improve on, even on days when I feel like giving up.



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