“'It's not about being stick thin anymore,' says Brabants. Every girl now wants a booty."
- Boston Globe
“Kelly is by far one of the most positive, radiant, passionate people I’ve ever met. She is enthusiastic and encouraging yet has pushed me farther than I ever thought I could go in a workout...Her classes are addicting because she mixes up cardio, strength and dance, and brings the sexy with her style and music selection."

ClassPass.com, Most Moving Instructors of 2015: East Coast

“A legging line, that was apparently flattering as f*ck. Not the running kind of leggings either, the ‘smile and drink gin martinis’ kind- and, who couldn’t use another pair of those?"

Sparrows Blog

"Dubbed the "Booty Queen" due to her ability to give clients a lifted derriere."

– Well+Good

“Kelly’s vibrant energy and Brazilian roots are reflected in her teaching style and fashion line where the booty is at the heart of all movements. BBB's mission is to inspire confidence and empower women to feel sexy both in the gym and out on the town."


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