Cloud 9 Leggings

$ 80.00

Black and white tie dye leggings. One size fits most.

The name says it all — these leggings are by far the softest material in the BBB collection. Athleisure wear at its finest, Kelly’s Cloud 9 design features a black and white tie dye pattern that allows for endless outfit pairings.

The Cloud 9s are made with our opaque medium fabric, which features square patterns rather than ribbed lines. For long-distance runs, we recommend one of our lights — for errands or strength-based workouts, the Cloud 9s are your girl.


PRODUCT CARE FOR BEST RESULTS: Machine wash your BBB in cold water and dry on delicate. This will help extend the life of the material and keep the shape of your garment. (TIP: once in a while, put your BBB Leggings in the dryer on medium heat to tighten them back to their original shape)


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