Booty by Brabants


We believe that every woman should find comfort, confidence and style in their favorite pair of leggings. Boston is our home but our inspiration is drawn from the vibrant culture in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the birthplace of samba, sunshine, and every product we make. At Booty by Brabants, we’re here to break any rule that states leggings aren’t pants because they are, and ours are much more than that.  We’ve created a built to last, one-size-fits-most clothing line that unites comfort and confidence while empowering women to feel sexy from the street, to the gym to the dance floor. Our creator, Kelly Brabants, is a fitness mogul and the brand’s principal designer; with her undeniable eye for forecasting fashion trends, Kelly's passion is in creating fashion-forward fitness and street-style looks with a singular “every woman” wardrobe piece that can shape an entire outfit day-or-night.

Though raised in Massachusetts, Kelly’s journey started with a Hollywood mindset where the young Brabants would chose dancing competitively over birthday parties and family vacations. Growing up, it was apparent she was different from other kids and today it’s clear that her entrepreneurial spirit coupled with her unrelenting dedication to her dreams have always been the dividing factors that set her apart.

After spending years in New York City and Los Angeles chasing her dream of being Beyoncé’s next backup dancer, she reevaluated what was becoming an unsuitable lifestyle and moved back home to Boston in 2013 where she had the support of her family and friends. The burning passion, developed in infancy, remained inside of her with one goal: to morph everything she loved about dance into a career in health and wellness, where she could continue her active lifestyle and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Today Kelly is one of Boston’s most sought-after fitness instructors and personal trainers, named by ClassPass as Boston’s “Most Motivating Fitness Instructor” in 2016 and 2017. Kelly also is the founder and face of the cult fitness and fashion brand, Booty by Brabants. Anyone who knows Kelly knows how strongly she feels about helping her clients reach their fitness and wellness goals, ensuring they leave each class more balanced, and the mission of her fashion line emulates this approach. The Booty by Brabants class is a 60-minute high-intensity, cardio-based, booty-shaping workout inspired by the ubiquitous Brazilian booty.  On the fashion side, Kelly has designed a line of leggings, known on social media as #BBBLeggings, which stays true to her personal style while being approachable and versatile to women of all shapes and sizes.